Bookish Adventures in Kansas City

I’m back!

You guys probably didn’t notice I was gone, but, just in case you were wondering, I’ve spent the past several days on vacation with my family in Kansas City. While we did regular vacation-y things, like visit art museums and freak out over really cute animals at the zoo, we also made a couple more unusual stops.

Since Hastings went out of business, my town no longer has an actual bookstore. If you want a book you have to cross your fingers and hope that it’s either at Walmart or the used bookstore downtown. So when we decided that we were coming to Kansas City, I did a little research on bookstores in the area.

Out of the three stores I discovered online, we were only able to make it to Rainy Day Books. They’re well known for bringing in authors for talks and signings, and although there wasn’t an author there the day we visited, I did discover a shelf full of signed books.


I’d already decided to buy myself this lovely paperback copy of Carry On by Rainbow Rowell, as it had been on my To Buy list for an incredibly long time. Then I stumbled upon the signed books shelf, where I found a signed copy of Carry On AND a signed collectors edition of Eleanor & Park!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

But the bookish fun didn’t stop there. After I left Rainy Day Books, clutching my precious cargo close to my chest lest it be taken from me by some cruel twist of fate, I headed down to the Kansas City Central library.

The Kansas City library is one of the coolest libraries I’ve ever been to, and I’m saying this as someone who, for various reasons, has probably been to more libraries than the average person.

For starters, this is their parking garage.


The building itself is absolutely huge, and used to be a bank, so it’s got a bunch of interesting history to it. Some highlights of the building include an old bank vault that they’ve converted into a small movie theater, a rooftop garden area complete with a giant chess set, and old sniper nests in the main lobby area. If you look closely at the front go the building you can see where they filled in bullet holes from the one time someone tried to rob the place, back when it was still a bank.


I had a wonderful time on my trip, but I’m incredibly glad to be back home.

Have any questions about my trip? Want to know more about the places I visited? Just want to freak out with me about my new Rainbow Rowell books? Leave a comment! I’d love to hear from you.


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